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Reinforced Shoulder Blocks
Solid Center Curved Ribs
Reinforced Shoulder Blocks
Circumferential Center Groove
Aggressive Directional Design
Variable Pitch Technology
provides outstanding water evacuation.
increases acceleration and braking capabilities as well as resistance to hydroplaning.
provide stability during cornering and more even wear.
provide excellent grip in dry weather and maintain lateral stability in wet conditions.
creates a more comfortable ride by reducing pattern noise and minimizing uneven wear.
provide stability during cornering and more even wear.
relieve heat buildup for more even wear.
More Information
Aggressive directional design increases acceleration & braking capabilities.
M+S rating offers outstanding versatility in any season.
Inch-up fitment combines good looks & ultra-high performance. Circumferential centre groove delivers outstanding water evacuation.
Reinforced shoulder blocks provide stability & promote even wear.
Variable pitch technology cuts tire noise & minimizes uneven wear.
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