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Yokohama AVID ENVigor® Z. P. S®
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Our latest generation runflat technology is among the most advanced in the industry, ensuring driving confidence through any situation.
Unibloc Shoulder & Tapered Center Rib: Large reinforced tread blocks and the continuous center rib enhance stiffness for improved handling on wet and dry roads.
Angled Groove Walls & Adaptive 3D Sipes: Angled cuts in the groove walls help speed water evacuation, while adaptive 3D sipes change shape as the tread wears to maintain winter and wet traction.
Optimized Contact Patch: For increased drivability in low pressure conditions and maximum road contact for even wear, the contact patch and distribution of pressure is optimized.
Groove-in-Groove Technology: Tiny slits in the groove walls reduce uneven wear and increase stiffness by evenly distributing stress loads.
Advanced Silica Compound: Silica provides extremely low rolling resistance for greater fuel efficiency while maintaining treadlife and exceptional all-weather handling.
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