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Variable pitch tread design reduces pattern noise and offers a quiet ride.Quieter Ride
3D adaptive sipes create more biting edges for wet and winter grip. Orange Oil compound remains pliable whether it's wet or cold.All-Season Traction
Unlimited treadwear warranty.Long Tread Life
Breakthrough Orange Oil technology promotes lower rolling resistance-which saves fuel and money.Fuel Efficiency
More Information
Introducing the world's first mass-produced tire with Orange Oil technology, the AVID Ascend by Yokohama. The AVID Ascend provides you with confident and safe all-season performance, and a luxuriously hushed ride.
Orange Oil, which is extracted from orange peels, is infused into the rubber compound and creates a perfectly balanced tire.
Long Tread Life - Orange Oil extends the tread life of the tire, meaning greater intervals between replacements, which in turn means you can keep your wallet in your pocket longer.
Better Fuel Economy - Orange Oil minimizes energy-robbing friction, so you'll go further on a tank.
Smaller Carbon Footprint - By infusing Orange Oil into the tire we use more sustainable product and less petroleum-based material. Yes, we love our planet.
Safe Control - The tread pattern of the AVID Ascend is designed with the latest tread design technology, giving you a remarkable degree of road-holding capability, even in the wet.
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