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Matrix rayon body ply enhances steering precision.
Sport Compound 5S and increased groove area on the inner portion of the asymmetric tread maximize wet performance.
Quiet Sipe Design enhances grip while reducing pattern noise.
Unique Sport Profile Ribs increase stability for more even wear and our Sport Compound 5S contributes to longer tread life.
Superior Handling
Wet Traction
Quieter Ride
Resistance to Wear
More Information
Asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern proved on wet and dry surfaces.
All New Construction - Matrix Rayon Body Ply improves steering stability.
Achieve even better grip characteristics with micro silica and silica dispersant
Contains a mixture of the same orange oil used in official WTCC tires.
Variable Pitch tread Design offers a quiet and comfortable ride.
Newly developed 'Mound Profile' improves high-speed stability.
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